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Venues- The Alan Higgs Centre

Friday’s only: 6.05-8.05pm

Stages 1-4: 30 minute classes (6.05pm, 6.35pm, 7.05pm & 7.35pm) Note: we currently have a small waiting list for stage 1 & 3 as all classes are full.

Stages 5-7: 40 minute classes (6.05pm, 6.45pm & 7.25pm)

Dedicated breaststroke development class (for swimmers in stage 5 and above) 6.45-7.05pm & 7.05-7.25pm (free of charge if already in one of our classes on a Friday night).

Stage 8+: 1 Hour classes (6.05pm & 7.05pm), known as our Pathways sessions, see further details under ‘Pathways‘.

For more information please contact Sam Wallen on 07726 678195 or via email at:

To book an assessment on a Friday night between 6.00-7.00pm please complete this form:

Coventry Swim School Child Assessment Form

Allard Way, Coventry CV3 1HW